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Simon & Schuster
256 pages
Product Description
Paul Chowder is trying to write the introduction to a new anthology of rhyming verse, but he’s having a hard time getting started. The result of his fitful struggles is <i>The Anthologist, </i>Nicholson Baker’s brilliantly funny and exquisite love story about poetry.<BR><BR>* * * <BR><BR>A <i>New York Times </i>Notable Book, 2009<BR><BR>Favorite Fiction of 2009–<i>Los Angeles Times<BR></i><BR>Best Books of 2009–<i>The Christian Science Monitor<BR></i><BR>Best of 2009–<BR><BR>"A Year’s Reading" Favorites, 2009–<i>The New Yorker<BR><BR></i> <i>Best Books of 2009–Seattle Times<BR><BR></i><BR><BR><i> <BR></i>