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Writer's Digest Books
364 pages
Product Description
<h2>The best resource available for finding a literary agent!</h2> <p>No matter what you're writing--fiction or nonfiction, books for kids or adults--you need a literary agent to secure a book deal. The <i>2014 Guide to Literary Agents</i> is your essential resource for finding that literary agent--without fear of being scammed--and getting your book published. Along with listing information for more than 1,000 literary agents who represent writers and their work, this new, updated edition of GLA includes:<ul> <li>"New Agent Spotlights"--calling out literary reps actively building lists right now.</li> <li>"How I Got My Agent" success stories from writers who describe their paths from aspiring author to published success.</li> <li>Informative articles on query letters, synopsis writing, voice and craft, author platform, nonfiction book proposals, researching agents, and more.</li> <li>Includes "Ask the Agent" profiles of individual literary agents who are currently seeking writers.</li></ul></p>