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Writer's Digest Books
368 pages
Product Description
<DIV>The Best Resource Available for Finding a Literary Agent<P>No matter what you're writing—fiction or nonfiction, books for kids or adults—you need a literary agent to secure a book deal. The <I>2012 Guide to Literary Agents</I> is your essential resource for finding that literary agent—without fear of being scammed—and getting your book published.</P><P>This new, updated edition of <I>GLA</I> includes:<UL><LI>Completely updated contact and submission information for literary agents who are looking for new clients</LI><LI>Writing and submission advice from more than 40 top literary agents</LI><LI>Informative articles on subjects such as writing a query letter, composing a book proposal, writing a novel synopsis, attending a writers conference, protecting your work, and more</LI></UL> Includes an exclusive 60-minute <B>FREE WEBINAR</B> with Chuck Sambuchino that will teach you "Everything You Need to Know About Agents"</P><P>"The <I>Guide to Literary Agents</I> contains a wealth of information and good advice, and was crucial in my successful search for an agent. I found a great agent and my book has now sold in 11 territories and counting."<BR />—Richard Harvell, <I>The Bells</I></P><P>"The <I>Guide to Literary Agents</I> was very useful to me when I was getting started. I always recommend <I>GLA</I> to writers."<BR />—Michael Wiley, <I>The Bad Kitty Lounge</I> and <I>The Last Striptease</I></P><B>PLEASE NOTE: Free subscriptions are <U>NOT</U> included with the ebook version of this title.</B></P></DIV>