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Correction: 1950 Bestsellers

Due to a production error, the 1950 fiction bestsellers on page 68 of our March/April 2008 issue were not from, ahem, 1950. The actual New York Times Bestsellers for the entire year of 1950 were:
1. The Parasites by Daphne du Maurier
2. The Wall by John Hersey
3. The Cardinal by Henry Morton Robinson
4. Across the River and into the Trees by Ernest Hemingway
5. The Disenchanted by Budd Schulberg
Not only do we regret the error, we feel really stupid that it occurred...

Book Author Rating

A Golden Age

Tahmima Anam three-and-half-stars

A Land So Strange

Andres Resendez four-stars

A Life of Picasso

John Richardson four-stars

A Pigeon and a Boy

Meir Shalev four-stars

A Pigeon and a Boy

Evan Fallenberg four-stars

Agent Zigzag

Ben Macintyre four-and-half-stars

American Creation

Joseph J. Ellis four-stars

American Transcendentalism

Philip F. Gura four-stars

Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black

Nadine Gordimer three-stars

Bleeding Kansas

Sara Paretsky three-stars

Born Standing Up

Steve Martin four-stars

Breakfast with Buddha

Roland Merullo three-and-half-stars


A. L. Kennedy three-stars

Diary of a Bad Year

J. M. Coetzee three-and-half-stars

Duma Key

Stephen King four-stars


Mischa Berlinski four-stars

Gods Behaving Badly

Marie Phillips three-and-half-stars

Halting State

Charles Stross four-stars


Bernhard Schlink three-and-half-stars


Michael Henry Heim three-and-half-stars

In Defense of Food

Michael Pollan four-stars

Last Night at the Lobster

Stewart O’Nan four-stars

Life Class

Pat Barker three-and-half-stars

Little Heathens

Mildred Armstrong Kalish four-stars

Marco Polo

Laurence Bergreen four-stars


Julie Kavanagh four-stars

People of the Book

Geraldine Brooks three-and-half-stars


Rudy Rucker three-and-half-stars


Ursula K. Le Guin four-and-half-stars

Proust Was a Neuroscientist

Jonah Lehrer three-and-half-stars

Signed, Mata Hari

Yannick Murphy four-stars

Soldier's Heart

Elizabeth D. Samet four-stars

T is for Trespass

Sue Grafton four-stars

The Deportees and Other Stories!

Roddy Doyle four-stars

The Fall of Troy

Peter Ackroyd three-and-half-stars

The Geography of Bliss

Eric Weiner three-and-half-stars

The Ghost

Robert Harris four-stars

The Hearts of Horses

Molly Gloss four-stars

The Last Chicken in America

Ellen Litman four-stars

The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh

Linda Colley three-and-half-stars

The Senator's Wife

Sue Miller three-and-half-stars

The Shock Doctrine

Naomi Klein three-and-half-stars

The Telephone Gambit

Seth Shulman four-stars

The Tenth Muse

Judith Jones three-and-half-stars


Nathan McCall three-and-half-stars


Ian Rankin three-stars

What Hath God Wrought

Daniel Walker Howe four-stars

Your Inner Fish

Neil Shubin four-stars


Steve Erickson four-stars