Book Author Rating

About Alice

Calvin Trillin four-and-half-stars

American Bloomsbury

Susan Cheever two-and-half-stars

Arlington Park

Rachel Cusk three-and-half-stars

Blind Submission

Debra Ginsberg three-stars


Peter Watts four-stars

Cancer Vixen

Marisa Acocella Marchetto four-stars

Final Exam

Pauline W. Chen four-stars

Find Me

Carol O’Connell three-and-half-stars

Hannibal Rising

Thomas Harris two-stars

Hollywood Station

Joseph Wambaugh four-stars

House of Meetings

Martin Amis three-and-half-stars

Killing Johnny Fry

Walter Mosley one-star


Tyler Knox three-and-half-stars

Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name

Vendela Vida three-and-half-stars


Scott Turow four-stars

Mothers and Sons

Colm Tóibín three-and-half-stars

Nature Girl

Carl Hiaasen three-and-half-stars


Michael Crichton three-and-half-stars


Felipe Fernández-Armesto four-stars

Paula Spencer

Roddy Doyle three-and-half-stars

Please, Mr. Einstein

Jean-Claude Carrière three-stars

Please, Mr. Einstein

John Brownjohn three-stars

Point to Point Navigation

Gore Vidal two-and-half-stars

Power, Faith, and Fantasy

Michael B. Oren three-and-half-stars

Prime Green

Robert Stone three-and-half-stars

Returning to Earth

Jim Harrison four-stars

Sacred Games

Vikram Chandra three-stars

Scar Night

Alan Campbell four-stars

Sea of Thunder

Evan Thomas four-stars

Six Frigates

Ian W. Toll four-stars

Skylight Confessions

Alice Hoffman three-stars

The Aeneid

Virgil five-stars

The Aeneid

Robert Fagles five-stars

The Bastard of Istanbul

Elif Shafak three-and-half-stars

The Book of Dave

Will Self three-stars

The Castle in the Forest

Norman Mailer two-and-half-stars

The Children in Room E4

Susan Eaton three-and-half-stars

The Crimson Portrait

Jody Shields three-and-half-stars

The Hidden Assassins

Robert Wilson three-and-half-stars

The Naming of the Dead

Ian Rankin four-stars

The Privilege of the Sword

Ellen Kushner four-stars

The Rising Tide

Jeff Shaara three-and-half-stars

The Shadow Catchers

Thomas Lakeman three-and-half-stars

The Shape Shifter

Tony Hillerman three-and-half-stars

The Terror

Dan Simmons four-stars

You Suck

Christopher Moore three-and-half-stars


Colum McCann three-and-half-stars