Book Author Rating

A Family Daughter

Maile Meloy three-stars

A Godly Hero

Michael Kazin three-and-half-stars

A Strong West Wind

Gail Caldwell four-stars

A Temple of Texts

William Gass three-and-half-stars

American Vertigo

Bernard-Henri Lévy two-stars

American Vertigo

Charlotte Mandell two-stars

Apex Hides the Hurt

Colson Whitehead three-and-half-stars

Becoming Strangers

Louise Dean four-stars

Breaking the Spell

Daniel C. Dennett two-stars


Stephen King two-and-half-stars


Max Barry four-stars


Kenji Yoshino three-and-half-stars

Death’s Door

Sandra M. Gilbert four-stars

Eat the Document

Dana Spiotta three-stars

Eat, Pray, Love

Elizabeth Gilbert three-stars

Everything I’m Cracked Up to Be

Jen Trynin three-and-half-stars

Falling Palace

Dan Hofstadter four-stars

Gate of the Sun

Elias Khoury four-and-half-stars

Girls of Tender Age

Mary-Ann Tirone Smith four-stars


Darrin M. McMahon three-and-half-stars

In Lucia’s Eyes

Arthur Japin three-stars

In Lucia’s Eyes

David Colmer three-stars

In the Company of the Courtesan

Sarah Dunant four-stars


Allegra Goodman four-stars

Ivan’s War

Catherine Merridale three-and-half-stars

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

Ayelet Waldman three-stars


James L. Swanson four-stars

My Fundamentalist Education

Christine Rosen three-stars


Thomas Perry three-and-half-stars


James McManus three-and-half-stars

Prayers for the Assassin

Robert Ferrigno three-and-half-stars

Skinner’s Drift

Lisa Fugard three-and-half-stars

Speak of the Devil

Richard Hawke three-stars

Strivers Row

Kevin Baker three-stars

Terror Town

Stuart M. Kaminsky four-stars

The Amalgamation Polka

Stephen Wright three-and-half-stars

The Best People in the World

Justin Tussing three-stars

The Big Oyster

Mark Kurlansky three-stars

The Brief History of the Dead

Kevin Brockmeier four-stars

The Dead Beat

Marilyn Johnson three-and-half-stars

The Fallen

T. Jefferson Parker three-and-half-stars

The Good Life

Jay McInerney two-and-half-stars

The Judgment of Paris

Ross King three-and-half-stars

The Swamp

Michael Grunwald four-stars

The Tenth Circle

Jodi Picoult three-and-half-stars

The Thin Place

Kathryn Davis four-stars

The Third Reich in Power

Richard J. Evans four-stars

The Truth of the Matter

Robb Forman Dew three-and-half-stars

The Two Minute Rule

Robert Crais three-and-half-stars

Timothy; or, Notes of an Abject Reptile

Verlyn Klinkenborg four-stars

Turning Angel

Greg Iles three-and-half-stars

Twilight of the Superheroes

Deborah Eisenberg three-and-half-stars

Uncentering the Earth

William T. Vollmann two-and-half-stars

While Europe Slept

Bruce Bawer four-stars