Book Author Rating

"I Didn’t Do It For You"

Michela Wrong three-and-half-stars

A Feast for Crows

George R. R. Martin four-stars

A Long Shadow

Charles Todd four-stars

A War Like No Other

Victor Davis Hanson four-stars

Already Dead

Charlie Huston three-and-half-stars

Arthur & George

Julian Barnes four-stars

At Canaan’s Edge

Taylor Branch four-stars

Beasts of No Nation

Uzodinma Iweala four-stars


Edmund Morris three-and-half-stars

Cold Skin

Albert Sánchez Piñol three-and-half-stars

Cold Skin

Cheryl Leah Morgan three-and-half-stars

Consider the Lobster

David Foster Wallace three-and-half-stars

Counting Heads

David Marusek four-stars

Defining the World

Henry Hitchings three-and-half-stars

Dog Days

Ana Marie Cox two-stars

Dream Boogie

Peter Guralnick three-stars


James Sallis four-stars

Generation Rx

Craig Critser three-and-half-stars

Gentlemen and Players

Joanne Harris three-and-half-stars

Get a Life

Nadine Gordimer three-stars

Golden Boy

Martin Booth four-stars


Michael D’Antonio four-stars

His Majesty’s Dragon

Naomi Novik three-and-half-stars

Leaving Home

Anita Brookner three-stars

On Michael Jackson

Margo Jefferson three-stars

President Reagan

Richard Reeves three-stars

Purity of Blood

Arturo Pérez-Reverte three-and-half-stars

Queen of the Underworld

Gail Godwin two-and-half-stars

Sex and the Seasoned Woman

Gail Sheehy two-and-half-stars

Still Looking

John Updike three-and-half-stars

Teacher Man

Frank McCourt three-stars


Hazel Rowley three-and-half-stars

The Accidental

Ali Smith four-stars

The Beatles

Bob Spitz four-stars

The Brooklyn Follies

Paul Auster three-and-half-stars

The Cold War

John Lewis Gaddis four-stars

The Inheritance of Loss

Kiran Desai four-stars

The Last of Her Kind

Sigrid Nunez three-and-half-stars

The Life All Around Me By Ellen Foster

Kaye Gibbons three-stars

The Lighthouse

P. D. James three-and-half-stars

The People’s Act of Love

James Meek four-and-half-stars

The Rise of American Democracy

Sean Wilentz four-stars

The Singularity Is Near

Ray Kurzweil three-and-half-stars

The Time In Between

David Bergen three-and-half-stars

The Undercover Economist

Tim Harford three-and-half-stars

The Western Limit of the World

David Masiel four-stars

The White Earth

Andrew McGahan four-stars

The World to Come

Dara Horn four-stars

The Worst Hard Time

Timothy Egan four-stars

Trail of Feathers

Robert Rivard three-and-half-stars


Max Hastings four-stars