Book Author Rating


Charles C. Mann three-and-half-stars

A Princess of Roumania

Paul Park four-stars

A Sudden Country

Karen Fisher three-and-half-stars

An Atomic Romance

Bobbie Ann Mason two-and-half-stars

Anansi Boys

Neil Gaiman three-and-half-stars

Bait and Switch

Barbara Ehrenreich three-and-half-stars

Before the Fallout

Diana Preston four-stars

Cinnamon Kiss

Walter Mosley three-and-half-stars

Edmund Wilson

Lewis M. Dabney three-stars


Christopher Paolini two-and-half-stars


Kathryn Harrison three-stars

Eudora Welty

Suzanne Marrs three-stars


Ed McBain three-and-half-stars

Field of Blood

Denise Mina three-and-half-stars

Five Days in Philadelphia

Charles Peters three-and-half-stars

Garbage Land

Elizabeth Royte three-stars


Brian Freeman four-stars


Chris Cleave four-stars


Benjamin Kunkel three-and-half-stars

Killing Yourself to Live

Chuck Klosterman three-stars

Kremlin Rising

Peter Baker four-stars

Kremlin Rising

Susan Glasser four-stars


Robert Littell two-and-half-stars

Lunar Park

Bret Easton Ellis two-stars

Magic for Beginners

Kelly Link three-and-half-stars


John Varley four-stars

My Detachment

Tracy Kidder three-stars

Oh Pure and Radiant Heart

Lydia Millet four-stars

On Beauty

Zadie Smith four-stars


Steven G. Kellman three-and-half-stars

Shalimar the Clown

Salman Rushdie four-stars


Marcel Beyer four-stars

The Big Over Easy

Jasper Fforde three-stars

The Diviners

Rick Moody three-and-half-stars

The Greatest Man in Cedar Hole

Stephanie Doyon three-and-half-stars

The Highest Tide

Jim Lynch four-stars

The Interruption of Everything

Terry McMillan three-stars

The King of Kings County

Whitney Terrell three-and-half-stars

The Lady and the Panda

Vicki Constantine Croke three-and-half-stars

The Last Resort

Carmen Posadas three-and-half-stars

The Lost Night

Rachel Howard four-stars

The March

E. L. Doctorow four-and-half-stars

The Painted Drum

Louise Erdrich three-and-half-stars

The Republican War on Science

Chris Mooney three-stars

The Shame of the Nation

Jonathan Kozol three-and-half-stars

The Summer He Didn’t Die

Jim Harrison three-and-half-stars

The Tender Bar

J. R. Moehringer three-and-half-stars

The Time of the Uprooted

Elie Wiesel four-stars

The Widow of the South

Robert Hicks three-stars

The Wreckers

Bella Bathurst three-and-half-stars

Tooth and Claw

T. C. Boyle three-and-half-stars

Willful Creatures

Aimee Bender three-and-half-stars