Book Author Rating

A Chance Meeting

Rachel Cohen three-and-half-stars

A Death in Vienna

Daniel Silva four-stars

A Hole in Texas

Herman Wouk three-stars

A Hole in the Universe

Mary McGarry Morris three-and-half-stars

A Spectacle of Corruption

David Liss three-and-half-stars

Alexander Hamilton

Ron Chernow three-stars

Alexander Hamilton

Ron Chernow three-stars


Chang-rae Lee three-and-half-stars

An Almost Perfect Moment

Binnie Kirshenbaum three-and-half-stars

An Unpardonable Crime

Andrew Taylor three-and-half-stars

Animal Crackers

Hannah Tinti four-stars

Blue Blood

Edward Conlon three-and-half-stars

Bobby Fischer Goes to War

David Edmonds two-and-half-stars

Bobby Fischer Goes to War

John Eidinow two-and-half-stars

Broken Angels

Richard K. Morgan four-stars


Steve Almond four-stars


Lev Grossman three-and-half-stars

Dancing With Cuba

Alma Guillermoprieto three-and-half-stars

Eats, Shoots, & Leaves

Lynne Truss three-and-half-stars

Emma Brown

Clare Boylan four-stars

Emma Brown

Charlotte Brontë four-stars


Kent Haruf three-stars

Flesh in the Age of Reason

Roy Porter four-stars

Good Grief

Lolly Winston three-and-half-stars


Chris Abani three-and-half-stars

His Brother’s Keeper

Jonathan Weiner four-stars


Mark Dunn three-and-half-stars


David Ball three-and-half-stars

Little Children

Tom Perrotta three-and-half-stars

Love in the Driest Season

Neely Tucker three-and-half-stars

Love Monkey

Kyle Smith two-and-half-stars


Lesley Hazleton four-stars

My Sister's Keeper

Jodi Picoult three-and-half-stars

Not Even Wrong

Paul Collins four-stars

Now is the Time to Open Your Heart

Alice Walker two-stars

Occasions of Sin

Sandra Scofield four-stars

Opening Mexico

Julia Preston three-and-half-stars

Opening Mexico

Samuel Dillon three-and-half-stars


Robert Sullivan three-and-half-stars

Remember Me

Trezza Azzopardi three-and-half-stars


Michael Dobbs four-stars

Skeletons on the Zahara: A True Story of Survival

Dean King three-and-half-stars

The Brontë Myth

Lucasta Miller four-stars

The Devil’s Highway

Luis Alberto Urrea four-stars

The Dew Breaker

Edwidge Danticat four-stars

The Full Cupboard of Life

Alexander McCall Smith four-stars

The Island at the Center of the World

Russell Shorto four-stars

The Jane Austen Book Club

Karen Joy Fowler three-and-half-stars

The Jane Austen Book Club

Karen Joy Fowler three-and-half-stars

The Jane Austen Book Club

Karen Joy Fowler three-and-half-stars

The Lucky Ones

Rachel Cusk three-stars

The Pecking Order

Dalton Conley three-stars

The Perfect Mile

Neal Bascomb three-and-half-stars

The Piano Teacher

Lynn York

The Radioactive Boy Scout

Ken Silverstein three-and-half-stars

The Shadow of the Wind

Carlos Ruiz Zafon three-stars

The Well of Lost Plots

Jasper Fforde four-stars

The Zenith Angle

Bruce Sterling four-stars

Truth & Beauty

Ann Patchett four-stars